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Analog Devices e Parrot apresentam soluções para receptores DRM

Apresentação do T.V.B.Subrahmanyam da Analog e o texto que ele mandou ao DRM-Brasil sobre a solução da Analog para DRM:

"Please find attached a presentation on DRM radios using our processors. These
designs are based on general purpose processors that we sell in millions every
month. So there is no problem with respect to availability. The software and
hardware for the radio has been done by 3rd parties and we can introduce you or
the potential manufacturers who can then contact them for the customization of
the radio.

For a low cost radio, the complete electronic BOM (eBOM) may cost around $15 and
this price should reduce further in the next 2 years."

Na apresentação da Parrot/Dibcom é apresentado o chipset Octopus que irá suportar tanto ISDB-Tb (TV Digital) quanto DRM/AM/FM no mesmo chip já em 2013.

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